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Campbell duckling that has just hatched.


One newly hatched Campbell with one still in the egg.


Four dark Campbell drakes 2.5 months old (these are the
same ducklings shown in the photo to the left).


Four dark campbell drakes 4 months old (these are the drakes
shown in the above photo) with a mixed black and white drake.

Khaki Campbell ducks and drakes.


Same khaki campbell ducks and drakes as shown in photo
above but exhibiting their summer "eclipse" molt. That is a
drake in the lower right even though it looks like a duck.


Day old Campbell ducklings. Four dark ones are dark
Campbells (males) while the two in the lower right are khaki
Campbells (females). This was a sex linked cross.


A white Pekin with a Buff duck right behind her. The rest are
all Campbells.



Copyright 2006 by Ken and Andrea Glover.